The importance of the English Language Course

The importance of the English Language Course

Language is the most useful tool for communication. While the world is a big place, one language has become the most commonly used by non-native speakers: English. There are many historic reasons why English is such a popular, global language. Partly its due to early British colonisation and its also related to European invasions of England in years gone by.

But, whatever the reason, English is a very useful language to learn.

Looking at some figures, of the global population, which is around 7.5 billion, some 1.5 billion speak English. Of course, only about 360 million of those English speakers are native English speakers. That means over 1 billion people worldwide have learnt and speak English as a second language. No other language has as many non-native speakers.

The language of business.

Due to its popularity as a second language, English has become the global language of business. This means that even if you’re from a non-English speaking country and plan to visit or eventually work in another non-English speaking country, if you learn English that will help you secure a job. That’s the case for many countries around the world.

English speaking university qualifications are also highly sought after. That means the ability to speak English can help you gain a place in one and earn an internationally recognised and celebrated qualification.

In addition to this, English is the most popular language used on the internet. If you’re planning a move or to travel overseas, the ability to speak and understand English will make this easier.

How can I improve my English?

Learning English at school in Europe is something that many people do. It helps give us a good understanding of grammar the meaning of the words. This is a great start for moving to the UK and many other countries, particularly outside of Europe.

However, to really get a good grasp of English as it is spoken by native speakers, additional lessons and daily conversations with English speakers is essential. Luckily, across the UK and in other countries there are many options for learning English.

There are EFL (English as a foreign language) courses, college courses and other specifically created courses for non-native English speakers in many countries around the world. Of course, if you’re in the UK, the choice is almost endless and includes:

  • Weekly courses.
  • Private tuition.
  • Residential, intense courses.
  • Night classes.

Whatever English speaking needs you have, no matter what time you have to learn, you should be able to find the right English course.

At Livlo, we don’t just help you find somewhere to live and a job, we can also match you up with the right English course for your needs. Having gone through this process ourselves already, we understand the importance of being able to better understand and speak English.

Even if you think you don’t have the time for English classes, or there isn’t a course nearby, just get in touch with us and we can help find the right course or classes for you.