Before becoming Livlo, we have experienced moving to London at first hand.
We have experienced difficulties, disappointment, scams, poverty, loneliness…

The first one of us from Livlo to arrive in London was me.

My name is Fabio and when, a few years ago, I took a one-way flight to the capital of the United Kingdom I was completely alone.
It was not easy to start with. Not at all.

London can be the city of your dreams, but without an expert guide it can also show itself to be a metropolis/big place full of pitfalls. All that glistens is not gold and there can be risks just around the corner.

In a new city, in which it is easy to feel alone, where your mother tongue is of no use and where you have no reference points you will be more vulnerable and could be easily deceived. You need to watch your back.

Many times at the start I felt discouraged and want to go back home.

So what happened? I then persevered, without knowing that the worst was yet to come

Anger, hardship and powerlessness featured for me during the whole of the adjustment phase.

Now I could continue to paint this dark picture, and believe me I have all the shades I would need to complete the picture of my experience.
But I shall stop there.

I don’t want to scare you any more than I probably have done already.

At this point I want to reassure you and to start to tell you about the more positive aspects of my story.

After a great many rip-offs and difficulties finally the sun in the sky above London began to smile down on me.

By making sacrifices and being persistent I found stability, and when Valeria told me that she would like to join me I used my experience to help her to move here.
In the years which followed Valeria and I have helped many of our friends to settle here in London and we have done this very successfully.

In fact a short while afterwards, realising that we were succeeding well in our mission we decided to create Livlo.

Livlo today is us, a group of people ready to help others planning to move to London, without them having to encounter the same difficulties we did.

My experience, that of Valeria and all the other guys who are our colleagues will make your stay in London a calm and problem-free but exciting winning experience.

And this is confirmed by the many testimonials from clients who are satisfied with our work and our experience in this area over the years

But in concrete terms what is the added value provided by our agency in comparison to a normal agency?
Why does Livlo make a difference?

In relation to schools, we make the difference because:

  • You will do an English test before starting the course. The result will be looked at by both the teacher, as is the practice of all the schools in London, and by our tutor who will verify the accuracy of the result. In this way we will not allow the schools in the area to have you start a course at a level which is not appropriate to your knowledge.
  • On the basis of your initial knowledge we will offer you the option of attending English language courses which will provide you with certification which is recognized all over the world.
  • We will give you the option of personally choosing the school to attend on the basis of where you are living and working which will make life easier for you. The normal schools have a single establishment and don’t offer this option.
  • With us you can personalise the times and days of the English course to attend on the basis of the time you have available.

In relation to accommodation, you must choose us because:

  • We will help you look for somewhere to live from day one, from the day you decide to trust in us until the day you find something suited to your requirements. The other agencies only offer what they have on file. If you don’t like what they have you have to get used to it. With us you will never have to be unhappy with what we have.It is always down to us to ensure you are happy.
  • We will protect your money until you sign the rental agreement.
  • We offer you a formula which does not lock you into a time limit with whoever is renting accommodation to you. You can choose whether to stay for a minimum period of 2 or 5 weeks. Normal accommodation agencies will make you sign up for a minimum period of 3 to 6 months.
  • We offer you the option of choosing the amount of the deposit which you have to pay to rent the accommodation. The other agencies will ask you to pay a minimum deposit for a period of time of between one month to 6 weeks.

In relation to work, we make the difference because:

  • We will help you look for work until you find a suitable position. The other agencies only guarantee you a minimum of 3 interviews after which you have to pay again for the same service.

But that is not all!!!
Discover all the services which only Livlo can offer you!!!