London Mayor launches new Night Time Enterprise Zone project

Night Time Enterprise Zone project

As the digital, online world continues to grow, London’s high streets are becoming less popular with shoppers. But, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has come up with a new plan to make them central hubs once more. The ‘Night Time Enterprise Zone’ project is designed to encourage a stronger night time economy. The idea is to […]

London’s Zip Now attraction

London’s Zip Now attraction

London is an amazing city and there is so much to see and take in. From famous sights, theatres, restaurants, pubs and attractions, it can take a while to take it all in! If you’ve been living in London for a while and are looking for something new to do. Or if family or friends […]

The UK needs more migrant workers to fill a growing list of jobs

The UK needs more migrant workers to fill a growing list of jobs

While Brexit is currently something that is ongoing, there is still a shortage of skilled workers across the UK. A recent report publishing the updated Shortage Occupation List, or SOL, shows there are now 9% of all jobs in the UK that require skilled migrant workers to fill them. That’s up from just 1% in 2013, […]

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan’s “Sounds Like London” project

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan’s “Sounds Like London” project

London is an amazing city that’s well-known for so many different things from its history, iconic buildings and world-renowned music scene. For a relatively small island, London packs a punch on the international music scene. But, without support for new artists and the music venues they need to showcase their talent, that could all change. […]

Transport for London or TFL and the services it provides


Transport for London, or TFL, provides different travel services across the English capital city. No matter what type of public transport service you use, TFL are responsible for at least a part of that travel service and the price you pay for it. London is a large and diverse city with different areas and transport […]

IT is the UK’s fastest growing jobs sector. Formalise your IT skills.

Planning a future in the UK is something that many people do. To have a better chance of securing a job, it can help to see what skills are in high demand. Right now, the IT sector is the fastest growing jobs segment in the UK. This is good news for those of you with […]

The importance of the English Language Course

The importance of the English Language Course

Language is the most useful tool for communication. While the world is a big place, one language has become the most commonly used by non-native speakers: English. There are many historic reasons why English is such a popular, global language. Partly its due to early British colonisation and its also related to European invasions of […]

Working as an au pair in London.

Au pair

Many people dream of coming to London as an au pair. They imagine living in a lovely home with a friendly family, while learning English and seeing the sites of the English capital city. However, to be certain that your au pair experience is enjoyable, you should use an experienced agency. One that ensures any […]

Driving License in the United Kingdom

Driving license

Everything you need to know about a driving license in the UK. When you come to the UK for any period of time to work, live or study, there can be a lot of new rules, laws and local customs to get used to. One thing that could be on your mind is your driving […]

Consulting Agency in UK: why choose one.

Consulting Agency and Services

The importance of a Consulting Agency when you are planning to move to the UK. When you’re planning a move to the UK without a Consulting Agency, you might feel as though you understand all the requirements. This could be because you already have a family and friends here. Or, maybe you speak excellent English […]