London Mayor, Sadiq Khan’s “Sounds Like London” project

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan’s “Sounds Like London” project

London is an amazing city that’s well-known for so many different things from its history, iconic buildings and world-renowned music scene. For a relatively small island, London packs a punch on the international music scene. But, without support for new artists and the music venues they need to showcase their talent, that could all change. That’s why London’s mayor has introduced the Sounds like London project.

Sounds like London helps make sure London’s exciting music scene continues to develop. It does that in different ways, including a month-long music festival across the capital. The 2018 festival had a special focus on black music. In contrast, for 2019 Sounds Like London is celebrating women in music.

Support for all venues

Artists are essential to the constant evolution of music and sounds that people enjoy listening to. But it’s not the only important part of a thriving grass roots music. That’s why the Sounds Like London event helps promote every type of venue across the capital. Whether its small, large, well-known or a local space, it’s important and can gain support from the London Mayor’s initiative.

Those local, grass roots music venues get special support from the event. The reason is that in the past 10 years, around a third of smaller, local music and performance venues have closed. Without the right kind of venue to begin performing to an audience, some of London’s best-known musicians and artist might not have achieved the success they enjoy today.

To help keep those venues open and new music being heard at them, Sounds Like London promotes musical events at them. This means that no matter what part of London you live in, you shouldn’t have to travel far to enjoy some great new, live music.

Enjoy Sounds Like London every year

While the main, month-long Sounds Like London event is now over for 2019, there’s still other music events to enjoy. Some areas have musical events and gigs running in one place. Others, meanwhile, help to showcase different artists at a variety of venues across the city.

This means you have plenty of choice and should be able to find the type of music you love. Or, if you’re in the mood for something different, Sounds Like London and similar events and campaigns should be able to offer that, too.

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