Transport for London or TFL and the services it provides


Transport for London, or TFL, provides different travel services across the English capital city. No matter what type of public transport service you use, TFL are responsible for at least a part of that travel service and the price you pay for it.

London is a large and diverse city with different areas and transport requirements and TFL has worked hard over the years to provide and manage various transport options. This helps to ensure Londoners and its visitors get around the city quickly and safely.

The London transport options managed and operated by TFL are:

  • Tubes.
  • London buses.
  • Some aspects of train services.
  • Riverboat bus services.
  • The Docklands Light Railway.
  • Tram services.

Because TFL is a single group, it understands the need for different travel options to suit the different parts of London. This helps to give everyone at least one reliable way to get across the city.

TFL: High standards.

Aside from providing and managing the actual transport services across London, TFL does a lot more. It manages the congestion charge across London. This encourages more people to use public transport by charging drivers a fee for driving their own vehicle around the city.

TFL also manages public transport charges and the payment system. This ensures that prices are fair and that the way you pay for transport is as easy as possible. It also tries to provide a range of ticket options to help people find a cheap way of using TFL transport.

But that’s not all. TFL creates the rules and standards that its vehicles, roads, tracks and employees must follow. Those rules help to keep the users off and workers on TFL transport safe. Cameras are on board many of TFLs vehicles and stops and running times are also closely monitored.

Busy London travel networks.

As London is such a busy and heavily populated city, it’s easy to understand why so many different travel options are needed. During peak business hours for commuters, trains, tubes, buses and other options are constantly filled to capacity.

However, due to the popularity of London as a travel destination, transport vehicles are also busy throughout the day. Managing that level of congestion means making sure there’s room on London’s transport options for everyone. That’s not an easy job.

To help with this, TFL will track transport users journeys from their mobile wi-fi data. The data collection will be anonymous but it will help TFL understand how people use transport and move through its different stations.

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