London Mayor launches new Night Time Enterprise Zone project

Night Time Enterprise Zone project

As the digital, online world continues to grow, London’s high streets are becoming less popular with shoppers. But, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has come up with a new plan to make them central hubs once more. The ‘Night Time Enterprise Zone’ project is designed to encourage a stronger night time economy.

The idea is to make the high streets and central areas of London’s different areas safer, more appealing and busier. Evening markets, more live music and other retail and entertainment ideas are being encouraged. The new proposal could help bring in more money to the economy. That would be a real benefit to the UK at a time when Brexit uncertainty is hurting it.

But, that’s not all. Many shift workers are up and busy between 6pm and 6am. This could give them more opportunity to enjoy what London has to offer.

London councils bid for pilot funding 

The Night Time Enterprise Zone project is only just beginning. Right now, London’s local borough councils have been invited to bid for funding to become the first area to try out, or pilot this idea. The successful council will receive £75,000 to help make their Night Time Enterprise Zone ideas a reality.

This could mean new facilities for night time markets. Or a higher standard of safety for an area popular with live musicians and entertainers. It could even result in new venues for people who want to learn new skills.

“As Mayor, I want London to be a city that works for all Londoners, at all times of the day and night,” said Sadiq Khan. “That’s why City Hall have asked the Night Time Commission to help realise our vision for a 24-hour city.”

More cultural events?

The new night time project could also help support more cultural events across the city. With plans in place for safer areas overnight, more groups could host new events that they might otherwise not be able to hold.

The Night Time Enterprise Zone project launch also coincides with a second Mayoral initiative, a new Safer Sounds Partnership. This will support the music industry and ensure event organisers, police and council licensing teams will be able to work together more easily. This could result in many more live music events being held across the city. Gigs that are safer, more accessible and with higher organising standards.

When you move to London, you could become one of the third of Londoners who work at night. These projects could help make your time in the city even more exciting. They could help make sure London truly is a 24-hour city. One where visitors can enjoy even more entertainment and socialising options than ever before.

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