Working as an au pair in London.

Au pair

Many people dream of coming to London as an au pair. They imagine living in a lovely home with a friendly family, while learning English and seeing the sites of the English capital city. However, to be certain that your au pair experience is enjoyable, you should use an experienced agency. One that ensures any host family is exactly who they claim and that they follow all the rules around responsibilities, accommodation and wages, your experience can be very different from the one you expect.

If you have plans to become an au pair in London, there are some rules that the family you live with and work for, called a host family, must follow. These rules are in place to protect you and also the host family. They help make your time together work for you, the children and the parents.

Au pair rules for your stay in London.

In the UK, au pairs aren’t considered to be employees or workers. Instead, an au pair is a member of the family. Because of this, money they receive for doing their duties are classed as pocket money and not wages.

If you work as au pair in London, or elsewhere in the UK, the following rules apply:

  • You should only help the family, or ‘work’ for no more than 30 hours per week.
  • You are not a cleaner and should only complete light household chores. They include tidying the children’s rooms, using the washing machine and making some meals.
  • You should have time to attend English classes.
  • Average levels of pocket money are £80-£100 per week.
  • Babysitting duties one or two times a week is ok. Any more than this and additional pocket money should be provided.
  • You have their own private room in the house, free of charge.
  • You eat most of their main meals with the host family.

A contract or agreement should be signed by the host family and the au pair. This shows exactly what duties the you should do, including how many hours a day you look after the children. If you begin doing more than is written into the contract, the host family should give you more pocket money. Or, they should employ someone else to do those additional jobs.

How Livlo can help.

Because we understand all the rules relating to being an au pair in London, we will help make sure you’re treated fairly. We never allow anyone to be an au pair in a home that can’t provide everything they should.

We’re also on hand to answer any questions you have about being an au pair. If you’re worried something isn’t right, then get in touch with us and we can help. We can make sure you’re being treated in the right way and that your experience is everything you dreamed of!

Get in touch with Livlo today and we can support your move to London and make everything run smoothly.